The Real Pac-N

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Author MC_Frank_E
Tags author:mc_frank_e puzzle unrated
Created 2007-05-02
Last Modified 2009-11-16
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Map Data

Description I'm sick of seeing noob Pac-Man maps so I made this one which resembles the real pac man. Even has teleporters to make the tube effect of the real pac man.
The door is for if someone wants to stick some drones in there (Like real pacman)
Feel free to use the map and edit the drones, they are hard to get right. If some genius gets drones all good, tell me.
Guess what MNXRLT4U means and you get a DED

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Yeah, made this a long time ago. Just about to upload a new map though. :D

In the real Pacman, the little blooper-monster-color-things chase you, you should have used seeker drones