Who Knew?

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Author MC_Frank_E
Tags author:mc_frank_e dda unrated
Created 2007-04-29
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Description -A DDA Short by Frankie-
Now I got the bounce block propulsion to work correctly on my DDA's. Something that took me a while to get right, but now I can do it. Pretty cool DDA with some the twump timed nicely. Enjoy!

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I spend alot of time making them, I made all of these maps 2 years ago, and made Into the Open yesterday.

I play other peoples maps more than I make my own, but I do make the occasional DDA.

are you new

to NUMA cause you only made 14 maps


Propulsion: Wide variety and no launchpads? Good. 4/5
Fun-to-watch: Not really, but I like speed. 3/5
Length/space usage: Corner-to-corner but isolated isn't all that great. 2.5/5

9.5/15: 3/5. Good but not great.

You die at the end,

but you still complete the level.
If it's laggy then you have a slow PC... It has no lag at all on mine.


And it's extreamly laggy...

I doesn't work...

I doesn't work for me... I just get killed...