Stupid teleporter DDA.

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Author MC_Frank_E
Tags author:mc_frank_e dda rated
Created 2007-04-28
Last Modified 2007-04-28
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Felt like messin with mega powerful teleporters and makin them go through objects. I added gold delay to make it even MORE noobier!!!
I want to see how many 0's I can score with this map.

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Gettin all kinds o' zeros with all negative noob map kinda backfired. People always do the opposite of wat you say lol.
I'm gonna try a map that says, "I want to see how many 5's I can score with this map"
Then I'll probably get some zeros lol.



acctually, i just want to see how much this changes the rating
And the 3.5 ;)


dont try