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Author MC_Frank_E
Tags author:mc_frank_e dda unrated
Created 2007-04-30
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Map Data

Description Whoever guesses what MNXRLT4U means gets a DED.

Not one frame of gold delay (Propulsion dosen't count), not one single launchpad.

I liked the cave look when I finished the tileset, and I loved the randomness of the directions the bounce blocks shot the ninja when I plotted them with some gold, to then add more, therefore not being able to map out the map and it was basically just propel and add. It was alot of fun to make.


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Propulsion: Only one type, but non-launchpad. 3/5
Fun to watch: No. It was very boring. 1/5
Length;space usage: Waaay too short, but okay use of space. 2.5/5
KRA bonus: +2

8.5/15- BARELY a 3/5.


May Nerdy Extra Right Light Fourheads Undo

: )


"Man, Ninjas xerox real live turtles for you!"


Nice try.

oh yeah

mega ninja exra rural life for you

Pardon me?



mega ninja xylaphone recreational learning time for you