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Author MC_Frank_E
Tags author:mc_frank_e dda rated
Created 2007-04-30
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description My friend was the one who told me what to put where for this one. I don't think its all that great, but whatever. KRADDA.
Keep guessing what MNXRLT4U means, guys...
I'll release the answer in 2 days from now on another KRADDA.

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Fast Flyer!!! Screw This!!! Mine Trippin', One-Way Lippin' and Corner Kickin' Stupid teleporter DDA. Who Knew? MNXRLT4U!!! -KRADDA-


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I liked it!

This is AWSOME!
Propulsion: Good; at least you didn't use only one type, or worse, LAUNCHPADS. <<; 4/5
Fun to watch: No. I liked how the ninja went fast, but otherwise it was boring. 2/5
Length/space usage: Definitely not good enough. Needs to be longer, needs to take up more space. 1/5
KRA: +2 bonus, but the rocket was too far away at times. -1 from the bonus for that.

8/15: 2.5/5. Needs work.