Doors V

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Author Clifty
Tags author:clifty bitesized dda dooreerie featured hrdda innovative kradda rated
Created 2006-11-03
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 327 people.
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Description HOLD RIGHT!!!

Where to start...

OK, this is a HRDEKRADDA, which stands for: Hold Right, Door Eerie, Keep the Rocket Alive, Don't do Anything. I think that this is a totally new concept for a DDA, and I am amazed that I managed to pull it off. I've been working on it for over 3 months, which is the longest I've ever done on a level.

I'm dedicating this to two people, traction, and scythe33. Traction, because he actually managed to figure out what HRDEKRADDA stood for ( ), and scythe33, because he tried, but couldn't get the DE. :P (also because his DDAs are amazing)

Comes out at over 1500 frames, which is pretty amazing, because a level like this takes up so much space, so quickly. I know I didn't use all the map, but it got very hard to fill up the corners (plus I was lazy).

No gold delay, no launchpads, no laser drones (?). Just the ninja, the rocket, some doors, and a bunch of thwumps.


EDIT: Yes I know that the thumbnail looks super n00bish. Please don't point that out.

This map was featured on 2013-03-08

I've had this map on my feature list for about three years now, and while door-eeries are floating at the surface of the collective consciousness I suppose I might as well go for it.

I think this is the most impressive map in Neditor history. It's also a perfect example -- and I do mean perfect -- of integrating a rarely-liked mapping style into an enjoyable map by sheer three-month force of will. Besides, it just so happens that door-eeries are much more enjoyable when you watch them unfold with a minimum of interference from the player. — flagmyidol

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I had glossed over this DDA until now.

how does clifty

have only 2 features


"I hate how sarcasm does't work well on the internet... "

"Yeah it does!...."

oh... wait... you are right.

anyway got 323 rate! :ap

Because i have no the next day, Leo, if not take by sure that I'll feature anothe door-eerie... XD
to feature another door eerie

I hate how sarcasm does't work well on the internet...

two door eerie features in a row is an incomprehensible feat in itself.

I got the 321 rate!

I can honestly say that is the best eerie I have ever played. And perhaps the last I will.
this deserves 666/5 (hella high rating)

lol kiora

flag sees and makes believe it was on his 3-year list haha :D

Great map, which I have already seen...

what a pack of lies flag! you just saw leo's comment on the last featured map and thought "i'll have a piece of that action!"
That's a team which would have worked miracles with a rocket. This almost makes me a fan of door eeries. Almost.

I appreciate

the sheer effort that goes in to these, that's pretty impressive.

Rozer's demo was cut off early, when played it is actually 91. Here's a true 90 demo. ;)
Demo Data

had a 91...

but thought nah, it is improvable.
Demo Data


This might be the worst map I have ever seen in my entire life. 0/5

Which is why I am going to print out each frame on a separate sheet of paper, bind them into a flip-book so that I can carry it with me and watch it wherever I go.
Thanks for unearthing this flag, quite enjoyable!


brought it up to a 5/5! this is amazing!


Speedrun. Probably very close to maxed. Nice map btw.
Demo Data

Awesome level!

I really thought this was cool. :D


Demo Data


Demo Data


I never rated. 300TH RATE! FUCK YEAH! (still amazing...)

Rated it again cuz I can.

<3 <3 <3


I'm surprised you haven't been arrested yet for being so criminally awesome!!!


I don't know what to say its breathtaking


That was amazing. 5/5 It must have taken forever to make. A lot of close calls. =D


of course!!

only you get this...



what the...

let's put it this way. i love DDA's. I love door eeries. not such a big fan of hold right DDA's but this is AWESOME! how on earth did you do this?

holy crap

annoying to make




Faster cheat!!!

Demo Data

Amazing map.

5/5, clifty, i love ur maps.

i did a faster cheater than u :P
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you don't see much of these. This is brilliant. 5aved


A fast-paced, heart-stopping renovation of all DDA and DE maps. By combining two of the most unique genres of N, you have successfully created a mixmash of greatness. Kudos to you for finding out how to keep the rocket alive despite all the trapdoors.