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~Now RedSpartan [].~


Hey I am Leonidas. I make maps occasionally but not always, since I have other things to do.

I have been playing N for a very long time.

Wafflesoup Collab Group! [] I am one of the founders!

I go by Leonidas on IRC, and Leonidas on the forums.

I am currently a reviewer, and enjoy reviewing maps. If you feel I should review one of your maps, send me a link and I may consider it for my queue.

If you want to collab, message me on the forums or tell me on one of my recent maps.

Comment and rate my maps! I will try to return the favor.

This map [] Has the most comments out of all my maps. It was my 99th map, and the suspense for my 100th was soooooo long and large that I got like a million comments on that map for a while.

This map [] is probably my best concept map.




Cool People:
Mohit_Ghune [] <---COLLAB :D!!! Also, he is one of the best KRADDA-makers I know.
lfaber [] <---He started me off with better mapmaking, he reviewed my first maps
Traveleravi [] <---He, like lfaber, helped start me off with making better maps. He constantly is helping me improve.
lsudny [] <---This kid is a very cool dude. Call him suds.
meanapple [] <---He used to be Jeremoon. I can always count on him to review my maps, and critique them.
29403 [] <---Like Meanapple, he comments on my maps frequently, and is a cool guy that appreciates Looney Tunes.
1211 [] <---Nice guy, you can also call him trance.
R3D_N1NJ4 [] <---This kid is b055.
zoasBE/VODKALOVER/the23 [] <---Need a minimap? VODKALOVER. Need some unique, stylish maps from the old days? the23. Need zoas in his true core, his episodal maps? zoasBE.
StreetsAhead [] <---Makes some sick races, that never make you bored.
...and many others, like RandomDigits [], maxson924 [], EddyMataGallos []...

Maps Dedicated to Me:
Steps of Fury []
shameful self-promotion D: [] (Not really a ded, but I am thanked in it :D)
Don't believe everything you read on the internet. [] (Mass Dedication)
Leonidas It Is overload? []
merry christmas to all. [] (Again, not really a ded, but I GET A PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!:DDDDDD)
Brain Network []
107-0 Sparta []
Leo es un genios []
Gente confusa []
Pixie Dust []
opinions []
Exagonhay []
A Big Bundle of Dedications []
09-1: Peligros Escondidas []
The Panda King []
Tomorrow's Destination []
Custom Made Cave []

My Collaboration Maps:
X04-1: Version 1 (Feat. Leonidas) [] ---with VODKALOVER---Posted by VODKALOVER
Version 2 (Feat. VODKALOVER) []---with VODKALOVER---Posted by Me
Wormhole! (Version 1 or something) []---with RandomDigits and lsudny---Posted by lsudny
Wormhole! (Version 2) [] ---with RandomDigits and lsudny ---Posted by RandomDigits
04-2: Cueva de los Secretos (feat leo) [] ---with elhombredelsombrero ---Posted by elhombredelsombrero
{2}A Legit Swagsta' Collab{2} [] ---with lsudny ---Posted by Me
05-0: One Hundred Twenty Nine (feat leo) [] ---with Traveleravi ---Posted by Traveleravi
The [] ---with Sunset ---Posted by Me
02-1: Tinklified Gasoline [] --- with Traveleravi ---Posted by Me
Escape From Alcatraz [] --- with Mrgy05 and R3d_N1nj4 ---Posted by Me
Honest Man [] --- with DaggaFork ---Posted by DaggaFork
The Bachelor's Bewilderment [] --- with DaggaFork ---Posted by Me
PALEMOON TITLE [] --- with PALEMOON ---Posted by Me
Experimental Remix Collab Map [] --- with zoasBE ---Posted by me
atoms fall from the sun [] --- with Sunset ---Posted by Sunset
Tropical Aztec [] --- with deep_blue ---Posted by me
28-1 Soar [] --- with R3d_N1NJ4 and 1211 ---Posted by R3D_N1NJ4
Others In Progress...

Also, all of the Wafflesoup [] maps I have taken part in.

My Milestone Maps
All Around [] (First map)
Mind Games [] (25th map)
50th map!!!!! [] (50th map)
Flood~A Prisoner Adventure! [] (75th map)
100th map! 2.5-way KRADDA! Dedications! [] (100th map)
Bongalia [] (150th map)

My Map-packs:

Parkour and Puzzle Laboratories!

From StreetsAhead
From elhombredelsombrero (Traveleravi)


From aidiera

From Traveleravi/etothetaui

This random picture for AGD'ing one of pixelwiz's maps

Recent Maps

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Insanity At Its Finest The Enchanted Square Cloud of Floorguards The World in a Box Lock, Load, Live Quarkimold Duello Complexo