Deadly Nightshade

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Author Clifty
Tags author:clifty bitesized dda multienemy rated
Created 2006-09-17
Last Modified 2007-06-22
by 63 people.
Map Data

Description PRESS '1' BEFORE YOU PLAY!

OK, here is my latest Multi enemy DDA. 8 Rockets, 8 Gauss turrets, 8 Chainguns, and 8 Laser drones. 2127 frames, no gold delay, no launchpads. And I'm sorry about the wait at the end, I wanted the exit to be dead centre though. If you're upset about it, just add this code on the end:


PLEASE LOOK AT THIS MAP! (my last m.e. DDA) I spent ages on it!

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That is amazing...

oh and how does pressing 1 make you survive...? shouldn't that not change anything as you are only recording it?


the best!!!!!!!!

that's all I can say. 4


Part of it is wrong.
It definetely deserves a 5.



ever hear of shadenshaft? hes done sumthing like this already 3/5


Only 1984 frames if you use the alternate exit.
One of the most action-packed DDAs I've ever seen. 5aved.


you are my favourite DDA author ever.
but i decided to do it after, really i knew what idt be rated anyways
hehe, nice name. That was a goooooooood movie
After a while it just looked like a lot of dots and a ninja


i didn't have to press one. have a 5


4.5, a little cluttered, but overall good.


They just got my most recent too. Took it from from #4 all the way #160 something.
Oh well, it must be great to be so easily amused.


mother****ing snipers!!!!!

I thought this was on the top rated page!


What on earth happened?! You just zoomed off the top rated list! Were you sinped? This certainly deserves to stay up there a bit longer! Frightmare is up there, and this is defiitly better, since you don't even use a single launchpad.


i don't understand how people make these ddas and survive it?!!??! i can only make "ok" ddas that arent that special! 5/5 by far.


5/5. This map should have been #60000

because im bored

just for fun
Demo Data


is better than frightmare.


5aved!!! brilliant DDA.


You my friends, are one crazy bastard, how the funje did he survive that?! 5aved.


Definitely worth the top rated spot

manual solution FTW

Demo Data

Compacted action

I enjoyed the laser drones, but most of the others you could have worked on. I'd like to see a laser drone based DDA from you next time. Still worthy of a 5ave though.

Good at beginning

But you go so overtop on the door propulsion, nothing really goes for you in the end. 4.


wow ...

Action action action your DDA is very cool!

How do you do that.

my dda's suck :(
no gold/object delay = bonus. Sammy_AL out!


Theres so much going on, its totally chaotic.


freakin' amazing. Well, now my map right bellow this will be completely overshadowed. Ah well, 5aved nonetheless.