All-Star Series: Dear Truman

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Author wcvandal
Tags action author:wcvandal bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-02-14
Last Modified 2006-02-15
by 16 people.
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Description Jesus, i love this map. I was suffering from severe mapmaker's block when i just banged this out, and low and behold, i love it! It's the newest in my All-Star Series ( ) and it is a tribute to nevermore, one of the most accomplished authors on numa. I think that this map acheives great flow, moderate difficulty and lots of fun. I want suggestions for improvement. They may be on gameplay, style, placement, etc. Comments from NEVERMORE are especially appreciated, because this map is for him. have fun and leave comments.

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too hard for me,

best i could do
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lol skorpio, that was good =)
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By the way,

if anyone has any spare time, i'm taking requests for my next all-star map subject, click the link for the list of people.


i can't finish it, but I still love it

the title

refers to a favorite movie of mine: "The Truman Show", with Jim Carey