All-Star Series: Aqualung

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Author wcvandal
Tags action author:wcvandal bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-02-06
Last Modified 2006-02-06
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description this is the newest map in my All-Star Series ( ) and is a tribute to Ngaged. I have utilized Ngaged\'s unique form of tileset as well as his enemy and gold placement to provide, what i think, is a very fun map, which accuratly portrays Ngaged at his/her finest. Comments on this map are appreciated and nothing is taboo, this is being posted as an incomplete so that i may field contructive critsism, expecially from NGAGED. The obvious point here is all gold, because completion is relaticely simplistic.

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great level

and great title too

that song is great...

And by the way...

I'm a guy, just to let you know, wc. ;)


all of your all star maps are impressive good work man.


Amazing. When I first looked at the thumbnail, I could automatically tell that this would be great. You captured my style very nicely here; it's much like Manditory. Thank you so much for this. WIthout a doubt 5 and faved.

The bottom right isn't very Ngaged-y. Pretty good copy of his style though.

wow again!

i can't beleive that this map is top rated!!

Looks nicer....

thank you.


i really glad that everyone liked this as much as they did. Ngaged is certainly worth it.


Brilliant. Really Ngagedriffic. It has all the fun, looks and challenges of his recent maps. I love it.


Fixed that porblem, i think that it looks cleaner now



Faved. This shows Ngaged at best, and it isn't even Ngaged who made the map!
Ngaged's style, but one thing you should do is cut down gold on the on the bottom right.