All-Star Series: Kashmir

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Author wcvandal
Tags action author:wcvandal bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-02-08
Last Modified 2006-02-08
by 25 people.
Map Data

Description This is my newest map in the All-Star Series ( ) and it is a tribute to a great author, who has enriched the mapmaking community for a long, long time.... maximo! This level incorporates many of maximo's mapmaking styles and provides a fun challenge for any user. Comments are appreciated, especially from MAXIMO himself, so rack 'em up!

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I would be pleased if it got some more attention.. It has relation to the Led Zeppelin song, no attempted take off on this great map... 5/5.

Excellent map

That really is a good take on Maximo's style. I give you 4.5.

About the sniping, it just happens to almost every single map. Does anyone care about ratings anymore? ;)


uber snipage! you know, even though these ratings are biased, i spent alot of time and put alot of effort into this map, only to have some cowardly scum rate it lowly. If you did not snipe this map, at least say why you rated it what you did so that i cn improve myself.


very good, very similar
all in all 5/5.
for a job superbly done


Awesome job, It was very fun, We need maximo here this is excellent work, its like lvls combind, very nice


You caught the essence of Maximo perfectly. Great Job.