All-Star Series: Ronin

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Author wcvandal
Tags author:wcvandal playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-02-10
Last Modified 2006-02-10
by 12 people.
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Description Alright, i made a couple other changes to this map, but it was already rated so i will resubmit it. I would just like to forewarn anyone thinking of playing this that this is probably one of the hardest mine jumpers in the game. Anyway, this map is the latest in my All-Star Series ( ) and it is a tribute to great_sea. Please leave demos and comments and feel free to ask for help as to how to do a certain jump; i assure you that they are all possible. I'm working on a demo since i've only beaten it onece and i wasn't recording then. If i get it, i'll post it for you.

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thanks a lot for the tribute. nice map; it's hecka hard. i may try to demo it some time in the future.

thats all

thats all i can do
Demo Data

What part

of the map are u talking about?


How the 'eff' do you pass this??