All-Star Series: Take a Walk On The Wild Side

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Author wcvandal
Tags action author:wcvandal bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-02-05
Last Modified 2006-02-06
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description this is my newest map in my all-star series:
this one is dedicated to wellsj, a good friend of mine who has enriched the the numa map-making community for a long time. This map employs the the techniques in wellsjs maps, including his tight fitting tileset and his combination of mines and gold. i hope that you enjoy it. I want comments on this one, it is in no way finished. The obvious point of this map is to get all gold, since completion is rather simplistic
comments from WELLSJ would be the most preferable, since this map is for him.

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great map 5/5
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damn straight it does! its hella fun!


unrelated to the map, but i have to say:


now you have to take the long way around


damn hadyn, i tried to make it so that you couldn't do that


Won't attempt all gold because I can see myself gettin very frustrated. Speed demo.
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good fun

thanks a bunch man! you rock. haha guess what? im doing lacrosse this season lol! cant wait for summer!

Really Nice....

Anyways, cool map. It's really fun.
Other than that, nice map!
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