014 - Leagues Beneath You

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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera puzzle swell unrated
Created 2014-12-10
Last Modified 2015-02-06
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Description First of two teaser maps for my upcoming mappack. I have about 8 more maps to go before it's finished, but I think y'all will really enjoy it. This one's a bit tricky. Just remember, left before right.

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And no, I don't mind those things. In fact I agree with you up to some extend.


so this is what you wanted :D
a great choice of art, one of my favourites!
I'll work on it, but I'm having some troubles with uni here, so it might take some time. Is that okay?


anything I make is open for others to use :)


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not bad

here's an okayish run
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Great work with the drones!
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Aidiera. Mappack. Excitement.
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