Walking Blind

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Author DaggaFork
Tags 500 author:daggafork playable reborn unrated
Created 2013-05-14
Last Modified 2013-05-14
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Description 500.

I would like to thank some of my favourite mappers for being an inspiration to me recently, and some since I joined this magnificent community in 2006/2007.

destiny []
bionic []
mrgy []
pheidi []
gioum []
l_d []
suds []
meta_ing []
trance []
maxson []
martyr []
seneschal []
mekkah []
myrrhman []
jawbit []
iodineenvy []

and many more that I have not posted here, some of who's maps I play on a daily basis and genuinely like, but have forgotten to mention them here.

I would like to say thanks for being such an amazing community to me for so long, and given me something to just chill out and express myself.

I look forward to my future here,
- Alistair

(allowing rates was a mistake.)

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nice one.

Especially that last little bit where the rocket is racing towards you
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Thank you very much for putting me on this list.
Great map mate. 4


Congrats on 500 bro. Nice map too.
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Gorillaz is kick-butt.

IMAGINARY 5, okay?! okay. ._. suds, the master of perceptivity

happy 500! <3

glad I made it to the list xD I can't play n anymore but I'll give you a 5 anyways :3

and I'M NOT ??!

lol jk



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Thanks guys!


Everything was fine up until the exit. While the upper rocket function nicely, it felt disjointed when entering the tunnel directly below the exit. Coming out of that tunnel was a pain as well mainly due to it can be awkward for some. One minor complaint is the final three gold because, in my opinion, it did not look aesthetically pleasing compared to the nicely spread out gold. Maybe if you used the upper right area and added some gold there, it would have fixed that. Other than those qualms, the bottom played nicely and the core idea of the map remained consistent. Grats on 500 and keep 'em coming!

Congrats on 500

Glad I could be a source of inspiration. =D


500 is an awesome feat! :D

Amazing 500th friend! I really really really enjoy the style you used and the game play this offers! It was really fun and kept me trying and trying! I loved this map so much! 5/5 and 5aved.

Crappy Sort of fast run. Cool last few frames though.
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