Complete System Shutdown

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Author DaggaFork
Tags author:daggafork playable unrated
Created 2013-05-01
Last Modified 2013-05-03
Map Data

Description leaving NUMA for a while, cya!
taking a break from mapping

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Why do so many people decide to quit before a milestone map
You have to make your 500th


Of course, there are other ways to beat it, like using an htcj (half-tile corner jump... you know the kind) to get enough speed to walljump up the left wall.


click []
My brother's arm got in the way when I was making this.

Copy and paste the whole thing in the userlevels replay box and click watch replay:

Steam name is the same as my name on here.

But you

were just getting good! :P

Great map!

I did my!
Demo Data

sub-500 speedrun

5 from me.
My nreality can't connect to the internet...
Demo Data

nicenice map

rockets were spot on. 5
demo to n-reality

have fun

i aint afraud ot shiot dagga i swear don go

daga i love you

why do you go pls i don't know what is hould do wihtout you
jk daga pls don't go :c