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Hey, I'm wiacoacis. I love playing maps on here, and I am a current highscorer on Nv2 maps.


Current ranks:

Ranked 4th on 02-1: vernacular
Ranked 5th on 02-3: peaking
Ranked 5th on 04-0: acrophobe
Ranked 6th on 00-3: lovely
Ranked 6th on 05-0: matrix splitting techniques
Ranked 6th on 30-0: orbital
Ranked 7th on 04-2: moebius stripe
Ranked 7th on 11-2: butterfeet
Ranked 7th on 11-3: robot dance party
Ranked 8th on 10-0: the long and winding tunnel
Ranked 8th on 90-0: avoidance tactic


Since Nv2 is so new, I am only putting up ranks I have achieved that have a full leaderboard. I have many other good ranks as of right now because there are not many people on the leaderboards. For instance, I have many 0th places on maps with no scores but me, so for now, I'm not incorporating those.

Something went wrong on 10-1, and I got an unrealistic score. I guess I didn't actually place 0th on that one lol

Updated May 20, 2013 at 11:49 AM CST