Massive Galvanic

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n ibanrace projectrace5 race rated vortex
Created 2011-03-17
Last Modified 2011-03-17
by 15 people.
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Description One massive race. For project race round 5.

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races should not be so dependent on objects. However, I appreciate the work that you must have put into them. It is also pretty cool. 4/5
For instance, jumping with the thwumps, all the doors, etc. Races are best when they are free and open. Best when you don't even feel like you're playing a race, but getting a nice flowy run on an action map. This map realizes it is a race and tries to hard to be one. The player is involved in a semi-interactive DDA, the flow is all too contrived.

That's just me though.


how's things? I may be making maps again, not n-art though.
I want to make races more though. got any tips?


Amazing map.
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I really wish I could do this. It's a blast...but I just can't finish...must...go...on...

It looks very nice, packed with action, but its just too hard for me :P


SAYS: Trying for an AGD in a race defeats the purpose.
THINKS: (It's too haaaaaard! I can't get it!)

I suppose the length is commendable (lol miststalker)...

great race
but it's too hard and chaotic for me.

Amazing map

and one of the hardest race ever I see


I can't do this. I just can't.

I agree with what was previously stated, also it felt that all the stuff lagged it just a tad, not too much but enough for it to mess up any chance I had at getting a good demo. 3
This is amazing, though what koipen said stands true to some extent. I actually didn't find it too tough once i got my head around the thwumps ^^
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@Mr_Mongoose: That's what she said.
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Technically very nice but for me it felt really cluttered and just chaotic. Trying to navigate all that just wasn't enjoyable.

This is pretty cool

I love how long it is


Full flow.
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