Artoo- Deeto

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n dronie-nom ibannart nart r2d2 rated starwars
Created 2011-03-01
Last Modified 2012-12-30
by 50 people.
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Description Few things:

1) If you can't see it, make sure you are using this []. If you still can't see it, then I can't either and I'm trying to fix that.

2) If you want, link me a map between 211198-211780 and I will rate and comment. I'll only be willing to R/C on three of your maps at max, I'm hoping to have a lot to go through.

3) This was originally supposed to be subbed Feb 17th, my birthday. I was unable to though at that time. This map has been finished for quite sometime and its only through sidke's thumbs from #1 that I am submitting it now (and the bday mishap).

4) Enjoy!!

5) EDIT: tags

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of the doors are in the top left, out of the maps borders, thus not shown in the thumbnail. I remember having a habit of placing them up there out of the way.


It's really awesomely done. I love seeing exit switches used for colours.
R2's eye retains a spherical quality in this representation (in the thumbnail). Also, placing all those switches must have been a royal pain, so the sheer endurance you needed to make this map is well worth a 5 in and of itself. This glorious piece of N craftsmanship takes me back to the old days, when the N Arts flowed as from a spring, and I hadn't a care in the world. Magnificent work.

surprise, surprise

Another stunner from iban. I rate this a 17/17.

Keep 'em coming :D

You still own.


Happy belated birthday.

poor rhekatou

thinking arachnid will ever fix numa

over 2 days...

top of nmaps, and only 31 comments?
my two maps.
amazing n-art. 5aved.


so i can view later without installing thumbs.

Awesome, iban

great n-art, must have taken tiiiiiime


I can't see it and I don't feel like downloading that plug in, but i know it deserves a 5 regardlessly.

Happy goddamn birthday iban!

you're n-art's are the best, seriously nice work, keep them up!! :]

as for maps to play, go through all of mine :3

and happy birthday!)!&$)*#@^#@%&


happy Belated B-Day man. Jst came back to N after a practice AP Calculus test. :D


and look at any of my maps.

Out of curiosity

how did you pick the map number range? They're oddly specific.

I envy your colossal magnitude of patience and perseverence.
Great artwork.

a lot of thanks !!!

thank you very much for your advice and corrections. I'm going to take much notice.
totaly forgot to mention that :)
realy love it 5/5 as always ^^

looks nice.

happy birthday, guess i'm late


here are mine =) [] []
but the line work is pretty shoddy.
on any of my maps. (They all fit the criteria.) I would put links if I knew how... although you can go through my profile.
This is really cool btw. I love star wars!


there you are sir,

happy belated birthday



And yes I am not above giving you 2 maps [] []

well done

and happy bday

Happy birthday

this is THE shit :O 5/5

Holy f*cking crap

that is amazing.
my three maps I want to RCE:
15-4: 2069's Boobs []
14-3: Stupid People []
in advance, thanks. Have if I prepare a gift for you.

Thank you.

And happy birthday.

Just look at a few of my maps idc which
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Nice artwork. That must have taken a long time.
Happy Birthday!


No wait.

good idea!

fast rate !!!