It Needed A Fix'n

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n ibanrace multipathed projectrace4 race rated
Created 2011-02-27
Last Modified 2011-02-27
by 11 people.
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Description A few thoughts:

1) I missed a ton recently because of a broken computer. If your map is between 211198 and this one, link me and I'll rate and comment on it. You can even link others, I want to know what good stuff I missed. :D

2) I missed submitting a map on my birthday because of my comp ;_;

3) This is for projectrace, it is meant to have a theme of floating and it is supposed to be multipathed. Here the two paths are pretty simple... 1: Jump off of every bouncy you touch. 2: DON'T jump off of any bouncy you touch. Both paths will leave only one gold patch behind. They are both slightly under 1000 frames (they always seem to get shorter if there are more than one). It's kind of hard, but I like making my races hard, and you'll get it with a little patience.

4) I haven't had a computer for two weeks, so there's a lot to catch up on. I'm submitting this at 23:54 local time on the final day I can submit a map for the contest, spending the last few hours putting this together. Please be a little patient and I'll catch up in no time.

5) Enjoy this one!

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not bad...
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herp derp

just playin'
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my slow speedrun
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you seem to be mixing it up with the bouncies on both of your demos. Path one is that you jump off of ALL bouncies that you touch. Path two is that you jump of of NO bouncies, just let it push you to the next part. TheBlackLion's first two demos are good to find the flow for each of those paths.

Mixing it up, meaning jumping off of some bb's and sliding off others, would get you through, but the lasers will time differently and probably kill more often than not. That is what you did in the two demos you gave me.

Thanks for the comments guys =3

Welcome back

I really liked what you did with the bounceblocks
Could you provide some demos please?

And here

Demo Data
Demo Data

Yeah... Lovin this :•]

I don´t know the right part but it´s good
I just want to say this race is incredible.
Maybe the best multi path race I've ever played.
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Agd (underclocked)

Second path.
Make a little mistake at the end but the first path is definitively faster.
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Agd (underclocked)

First path.
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Overly complex

and not at all intuitive.

Good race,

althought I think that the flow is a bit choppy in some moments. I especially liked the rocket room - that bounceblock thing was great!


teh first path is very good.
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