Comatose Dream Schemers

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags action author:im_bad_at_n collab life247 rated
Created 2011-02-03
Last Modified 2011-02-03
by 8 people.
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Description A collab between Aidiera and me. Very interesting experience.

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i haven't been on irc in a long time. i'll check it out.


Pretty fun, i liked the placement of just about everything. here's a speedrun. only complaint is that the speedrun is limited because of that one drone, but oh well. 4.5^.
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thx its

gud to be back nd great to see that your finally a reviewer <3


I'm still getting to grips with mapping again :P but I'm not very gud at object placement :(


haha lovely map :]

I love this!

5/5 and faved!

i don't really like maps with aimless blue drones flying around but this was fun. the rocket was balanced well, just annoying enough if it sees you.
gold patterns were weirdo
the jumps were fun to do also.(when blue drones weren't randomly getting in my face)

woohoo this was fun

I loved the moment I had up the top behind the drone, and also the shitshitshit moment when the rocket followed me into the exit area.
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your level might be streaming there soon