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Author The_Mingler
Tags author:the_mingler hard playable rated skill
Created 2010-09-30
Last Modified 2010-09-30
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description in the year 3109, a new substance known as Thereolethianium was discovered in the deep depths of the Mantle layer of the Earth.
miners teamed up with engeneers and mechanics to build up a giant machine to dig to the Mantle.
five years later...

you are a miner.
you are in the XT101 vessel.
your mission is to discover and gather some Thereolethianium for the ship.
you mustn't forget your gas mask or you will suffocate in the Mantle in less than two minutes.

the vessel had a crash and the power is off.
your goal is now to escape.

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Very good tiles indeed. Gameplay was meh. I wasn't really a fan of passing the lower zap drone several times - bit boring.


Map is really long. Gold placement is good but route is not so flowy.

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some fbf
Demo Data


Tiles are quite good but try to use more differents ennemies or obstacles for a better gameplay.
Anyways this play very adventurish and i like that.

yeah sure!

knock yourself out dude!
just please send me a link to the level when it's finished. :D


Tiles were uhmazing. Objects.. not so much. May I use these tiles?!

Too long a boring

for my taste.
Demo Data

Pretty cool, though the tiles can be a little awkward to manouvre round. Nice concept though.