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I'm dead again.

I play N with only my right hand (Up:Jump, Down:Kill). So i can't chimney so fast and can't do some moves, but i enjoy this game like that.

For my every map you RCE'd, i'll RCE a map of yours (or more if i like your style). I don't log on as much as old days, so you may wait for several months

NEWS: When i entered my profile today, i saw "20 maps with unread comments" ! That's a wonderful feeling. Thank you ENT474 []
Also i've got a "20 maps with unread comments"! Thanks, apakenua []
THANK YOU, da_guru [] !

My name also writes HERE []
NEWS: Now it's lame ^^ But thanks to TheRealOne to forgive the other letters of my name :)

_destiny^- [] awarded me with this userbar because of i beat his The Legend of the Minejumper []. Thanks to him:

Thanks to kyozo_43 [] for awarding me these banners because i've AGD'ed some of his maps:

-To favorite a map, just click the ninja icon next to the map title. When you clicked it, it will become yellow.

-Here [] you may find some tricks to play n better.

-Here [] you can read definitions of abbreviations like AGD.

-Try to beat N. I was beaten it in 3 years xD But it improves your talent. Also enjoy the maps in Numa (especially the simple ones, try to AGD them), comment on people's maps to make them notice you.

-If you have a question, just put a comment on my any map.

in alphabetical order
]{NO3 [] Spirit of Art Award
_destiny^- []
1211 [] Commentator Award
29403 []
AMomentLikeThis [] nDroid Player Award
apakenua []
Aetherium []
apse [] Balanced Difficulty Award
BionicCryonic []
blackson []
blue_tetris [] Mappack Master Award
bufar []
ChaoStar []
chume14 []
condog_111 [] Balanced Difficulty Award
da_guru [] Mappack Master Award
DigitalDuck [] Balanced Difficulty Award
DW40 []
EdoI []
Eiturlyf [] Spirit of Art Award
ENT474 []
Evil_Bob [] Mappack Master Award
Gods_Reaper []
im_bad_at_N [] Commentator Award
jasdanu []
karmap0lice [] nDroid Player Award
Kaylab [] Balanced Difficulty Award
KlanKaos []
koipen []
kyozo_43 []
lsudny []
minimap4646 []
n0_ma11y []
natures_peril [] Master of Mines Award
Nexx []
ninja_joe_5162 []
origami_alligator []
Pheidippides []
PNI []
RavenMac [] Spirit of Art Award
Riobe []
rocket_thumped [] Mappack Master Award
romaniac [] nDroid Player Award
Sendy []
ska [] nDroid Player Award
SkyRay []
squibbles []
Sunset [] Balanced Difficulty Award
Tempus_Fugit [] Balanced Difficulty Award
The_Mingler []
TheRealOne [] nDroid Player Award
ultimatereading [] Balanced Difficulty Award
under_rated [] nDroid Player Award
Unreality [] Commentator Award
vankusss [] nDroid Player Award
xaelar [] nDroid Player Award
zoasBE []
ZTHING [] Commentator Award

Sorry for players who i forgot, but i'll add you in the list when i remember.

MEANINGS OF AWARDS (That awards are given by me, they aren't official. Don't try to buy a cell phone or something with them)
Balanced Difficulty Award - Author of this award makes maps with balanced difficulty. Also lot of his/her maps are eligible for both speedrun and highscore.

Spirit of Art Award - Author of this map has got huge talent on making N-Art maps. He/She is certainly wasting his/her life here :) But i'm happy to see him/her here.

Master of Mines Award - Author of this map plays football with a mine instead of a ball. He/She uses mines so effective in his/her maps.

Mappack Master Award - Author of this award makes difficulty-balanced and funny mappacks. Works on his/her mappacks choosinessly.

Commentator Award - Author of this award puts constructive comments on maps, and analyze them well.

nDroid Player Award - Author of this award plays n like an android. He/she has got fingers of a surgeon, also he/she is expert on finding best routes on maps.

To look at my Numa demo records, scroll down this page []. I didn't know there is any record about this. I've posted 3k demos on NReality. Wow!

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