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•First of all i want to thank you for taking the time to come and check out my profile.
•Enjoy your stay! :D

Custom Userbars:
•I also make custom userbars for players who achieve goals or challenges on my levels.
Cool Offer!
•If you RCE'd my maps i will do the same to yours! Cool, isn't it?

Episode 0: life as a jumper []
Episode 1: slopes and mines []
Episode 2: lasers and tazers []
Episode 3: the square episode []
Episode 4: you will need skills []

Brain Drain []: collab with sayko []
•I'd currently like to make a collab with anyone. Some people say i'm good at making tilesets :D

Silk Drops []. More information on level page. Now discontinued.

People I Like:
sayko []: good mapper and skillful ninja.
BluePretzel []: awesome mapper and great player.
lsudny []: awesome mapper and really nice guy.
maxson924 []: funny guy and great mapper.
zoasBE []: god of mapping and organizing, and real nice guy overall.
deep_blue []: lover of great music and awesome mapper.

My other work?
Bandcamp [], where I upload my music for a certain price if you're interested in buying, but you can also just listen for free. It's terrible. And I don't get enough money from it.
Tumblr [], my sort of personal developer blog. You get updates on my music, my game projects and other shenanigans, though I don't update it enough. :/
Twitter [], where I talk about random crap for hours every three or four days. You can follow me. I'm a funny guy overall. Kind of stupid too.
YouTube [], my channel where I'm still not sure as to what kind of content to upload. I've been thinking N for a while, maybe I should try it out?

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Thumbnail of the map 'Episode 3 Level 2: cocteau said dreams are machines' Thumbnail of the map 'Episode 3 Level 3: the vault' Thumbnail of the map 'Episode 3 Level 4: polypnea' Thumbnail of the map 'Episode 4 Level 0: jump jet tiger' Thumbnail of the map 'Episode 4 Level 1: the afternoon child' Thumbnail of the map 'Episode 4 Level 2: subterranean machine'
Episode 3 Level 2: cocteau said dreams are machines Episode 3 Level 3: the vault Episode 3 Level 4: polypnea Episode 4 Level 0: jump jet tiger Episode 4 Level 1: the afternoon child Episode 4 Level 2: subterranean machine