Holding Nothing Back

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Created 2009-09-25
Last Modified 2009-09-25
by 18 people.
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Description a little bit different. inspired by the first 3 seconds of riobe's most recent race. quite tricky in parts.

This map was featured on 2020-07-02

Within the genre of race maps, there is often a thin line that separates a useless object from a deadly object. It's the difference between something that kills you too often, no matter how good at the game you are, and one that the ninja laughs at as they fly by. This map is as straightforward as it gets while straddling that line. The rush of making it out of each straight alive, while tightly hugging the curves as you prepare to thread the needle between life and death, will feel like no other track you've raced on before. — origami_alligator

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yewww, finally got it
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Awesome map.

I rarely ever like playing race maps. Most of them feel complex and purposeless. But not this one. It has got purpose. And that is to take us on an highly-replayable, adventurous, thrilling ride. It's incredible how this didn't get featured earlier. 5aved without a doubt.
Also, a well-worded, aptly written review.
sub-700 run.
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smooth as silk

fastest i could do
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I felt the same way about playing it, everything feels like you’re gonna die and honestly I died so many times in this map. It’s one of those maps where even if you feel confident you can get through a section, it isn’t forgiving enough to let you make a mistake. Anxious is a great descriptor for this.

vicious map

I like the use of a straightforward path to balance out the difficulty a tiny bit. great selection.
Hadn't played this, one of the more unique and uniquely tough races I've played, definitely in recent times anyway. Flow feels kind of anxious in how boxed in and finicky it can be, especially with no big leaps or clear moments of relief/triumph until the end.


I thought i was going to stop in 2009, and I actually made it all the way to 2011... Now 2012, and i'm still stalking the shadows ninja-style ¬.¬

Wanna collab now? :P
I'm going to stop making races pretty soon, so I need you to take the wheel while im gone!

Hey GNU, you wanna collab? or are you buisy... :)


But I'm not yet patient enough to beat this...


That was the best comment I've ever gotten :]... You're awesome^^... Of couse, I'd like to collab with you; who begins?

... I also think that you improved without losing originality. Every of your maps has an interesting concept behind it while the quality of them gets better every time^^... So yes, you succeded. Keep up the good work!

Hey mind RCE'ing my latest non-collab Race [] I would really like your opinion on it

fucking awesome.

;-; Just use pastebin
just for good measure
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that must be high praise coming from yungerkid :D

good concept;

executed quite solidly. enjoyable.


At last, a successful demo. I really enjoyed this, a great challenge to be sure. That bottom right took me a while to get the hang of - i kept sliding down the wall and getting shot by the laser.

The whole race was pretty brilliant. A couple of spots were too awkward, like the top right corner, where you had to balance the speed and power to land under the mine, yet on the thwump. But the rest was pretty awesome. 4.5^
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We should collab!

Demo? Of course.

(also on NReality)
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thanks guys

demos anyone?
, but it got more and more fun :]...
The aesthetics are really a bit meh in my opinion and it's still annoying that the chimneyjumps aren't left-right-left-right-left-..., they are something like left-right-left-wait-right-left...

But the concept is cool, once you have a feel for it, and it's well-executed, too.^^ Faved and 4.5^/5.


i couldn't get a clean demo, but this was a cool concept.
very nice use of thwumps and the tileset was nice.

Well, you could define it as "mediocre".

What does "meh" mean??


Absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Definitely the most fun, fast-paced, addicting, and not-too-freakishly-difficult-but-still-challenging mine-jumping race I have ever played! My only qualms are that I would sometimes overrun the 4th thwump, and that the aesthetics are meh. But, other than that, way to go!!!

I didn't find this frustrating. I see this as a fun challenge. :) defeneatly cool tiles
i find it a lot of fun to play and i complete it most times i play it.

great idea

the tiles are nice, but I found that the idea got boring and frustrating(see demo)
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looks like a lot of fun, nice demo too, I can't beat it though, my finger :[

a demo to beat

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