The Wrath of Tlaloc

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Tags author:gnothergnu race rated
Created 2009-06-19
Last Modified 2009-06-19
by 9 people.
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Description Tlaloc is the Aztec god of rain and storms. enjoy!

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race map of the year dronie ftw!!
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wow thanks!

my first 5 from you! :D


Conceptual and beautifully clean. 5/5.
but the general consensus looks good :D
i will keep experimenting.

Very cool

This is a cool concept, and it was executed stylishly. Very fun.

Although I despise fast moving perp jumps off steep slopes, they are almost impossible for me.

pretty nice

good turn out for experimenting with something different.
though the tileset sorta annoyed me...dont know why.
i'll give it a 3.5^

Yeah the chainguns were awesome for the theme. resembling the rain:D

I also love those pyramid tiles

I agree with mattymc13 this was good. I like races that don't really look like races but they are.
And as I have said before I love when people experiment with races 4/5
really looked bad, but the gameplay was very fun. I don't really like chainguns, because I find them to be quite unreliable at times, but in this map they were executed well.


fbf'd at the bottom, this was harder than I thought.

A bit too hard perhaps, I'd add some more leeway with the floorgaurds down the bottom. Still, the top is really fun though, they're tricky, but when you nail those triangles and go flying its a good feeling :)
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Obstacles? what?

That makes little sense to me...

Anyway, I think this is great. Its very original and unlike any race I've played before, and the chainguns work well. The top feels completely different from the bottom though, almost like an entirely separate map - not that that's necessarily a bad thing.

Its well themed, the tiles are cool, and its a nice title ;). The flow works and the jumps are well constructed. Doesn't feel quite amazing/exiting enough gameplaywise to be an outright 5, but you can have a 4.5^ :)

Demo to follow (probably)

its quite hard...

but i thought the flow was good :/


not the best...too many obsticals for this to be a good flowing race map...2/5


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