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Tags author:gnothergnu boonie92 collab race rated
Created 2009-06-18
Last Modified 2009-06-18
by 9 people.
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Description Collab with boonie92 []. RCE!

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i can never beat this part
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I consistently got rocketed. :(

About time ;)

This was finished weeks ago, they just couldn't think of a title! :P

The map is solid, like destiny says. Personally I think if a race has all that stuff (close calls, good flow, decent tiles and feels well put together) it probably deserves a 4 (meaning very good), even without anything stand out brilliant/new original about it.

I think I'm going with a 3.5^

Iloved the flow and everything
I'm not so good at aesthetics, but I can say it coud have been better.
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fair enough

i personally would not rate it above a four for similar reasons.
It was extremely generic and simple - nothing made me think or showed me anything new. The tileset was very mediocre and not that aesthetically pleasing. There was no theme for the race - it was just some flow, and some tiles - it wasnt fast paced flow with jungle themed tiles scattered with lots of mines and a few lasers, which consumed the player into the atmosphere.

The flow was smooth, enemies created some close calls, tileset wasnt ugly. Gold... err... was alright.

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I thought we'd each do a bit of flow, aesthetics and objects. I'd love to do a collab with you, but I don't know how to contact you. Maybe if you got an account on the N fourms, it'd be easier.
we set out to make a generic sort of race, and i think it turned out quite nicely with some smooth flow. i've got something new (and hopefully exciting) on the way.

Well, the gameplay was a 5 but the athe..astet...look only got a 3. 3+5=8 divided by two is a 4 so 4/5

It's been a while

Good to see another race from you.

Very solid stuff, the flow is a little generic but the construction of the map is probably your best yet.

i dont get it

what was so amazing about the laser part?


fantastic. A lot of work, I guess.

fucking awesome

a rare 5 for a race. that part with the laser was just amazing
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