Intelligent Design

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Tags author:gnothergnu race rated
Created 2009-09-12
Last Modified 2009-09-12
by 7 people.
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Description No one has made a race for about 2 days so i thought it was about time i finished this one. A few enemies just to liven things up a bit. Dedicated to _destiny^- [] for being an awesome racemaker. Enjoy!

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I'd really like your opinion on it


the start is too fast for me and too annoying IMO.
But apart from that, this is pretty hardcore. Nice job.

Oh, and thanks for the ded :D
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i see :P

nice job you did too
pretty cool, though some sections of flow were particularly rough.

4/5 and agd with slow end
Demo Data
i moved the door after recording it so the number is wrong but that doesnt bother me.

gno, your demo is actually 825 frames, which means it's fbf'ed and you didn't press caps before entering the exit.

Either way, this is pretty cool, tiles are a bit crumbled for my liking, but the concept's great

This is AMAZING.

best race map I've seen in a while. and really challenging, too. I love those wicked tiles.



slightly slower
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I agree, the race genre is tearing apart...
This was good :] as usual
there's some flexibility, here's mine:
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i think this is

the agd route...

agd regardless:
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