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Tags author:gnothergnu race unrated
Created 2009-06-24
Last Modified 2009-06-24
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Description i've been around a while now and i thought it was about time i let everyone know that i am, in fact, female! while most people don't actually assume anything, an odd reference comes up every now and then and it's quite amusing to read. well there you go, but i'm still exactly the same person! so, any other girls out there or are you all guys?

enjoy the map too. of course it had to be a race, as a race maker i couldn't possibly just submit a tileset! it's not very polished but its a bit of fun.

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that one coming, i never thought you were a boy.


O.o shocker of the day

hey whats up

where have u been da last month or so... did all us guys put u off lol

anyway u should really come back :P


thats so weird...i had no idea,,,even after collabing

post a pic in post a pic of urself thread, ;)

Oh god!
I've been here a little while now ^^

and how old is your brother GNU?

wow destiny is 16 I'm too young D:

i wont deny it

it was more of an afterthought than anything else. hence rates disabled. i still had fun messing around on it though.

This is pretty bad

the flow is really terrible.


I'm 17 in august, so you're just older than me.


Girls play N.

Deal with it. ;D

a better demo

rit - check my account on the forums.
Demo Data


I would never have guessed, this place is a sausagefest. The only other girls not named here that i know of are l3x and sendy(where it mattered).

@ geckos

Its generally a 90%+ accurate assumption when on teh intarwebz ;)

@ Wulfgang - Yea, the flow isn't the greatest numa has ever seen! Its functional though and not bad considering the extremely unflowy tiles. Here's my sloppy demo.
Demo Data


y DOEs everyione assume everyones guys here?

Btw how old are you?

Oh my god GNOTHERGNU is a girl!
A girl plays n!
That is so hot..!
Nice map anyways (:

The more you know

This flow eludes me.
Demo Data

gnu you are lucky

to have a sibling that likes n. My sibling makes jokes about it


Turtles is a chick too.

Now-departed GreenEggsAndHam and i-am-a-bilingual-hippopotamus were chicks too.

Even Mare, one of the producers of N, is a chick.
my avatar is a gnu :D

and trumpetman is indeed my brother, i run a lot of stuff by him before subbing.
I'm her big brother ;)
That is cool though.

that is

if I could rate it, that's what I'd give it
although the map wasn't really for a race, more for a statement.
Oh, and I'm a guy.


it's funny how everybody thinks all the people here are guys, and I thought you were too. Oops


so am i ;)


radiumfalcon: "im single :D"

that is

really cool

;) 5/5

That's cool.