Elasticity and Instability

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Tags abstract author:gnothergnu fun race rated
Created 2009-04-28
Last Modified 2009-04-28
by 6 people.
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Description This is a race with no tiles! i think that's a first but do correct me if i'm wrong. also my first race that i deem worthy of being called abstract.

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any more

Pantheon races anytime soon? well, we just finished the RacePack, so we're all sitting around still feeling narcissistic and wasting time and stuff, so no projects planned yet. but we might begin on another rather large project sometime. no individual maps planned. yet. those were always a secondary occupation anyway. but we'll get back to them eventually, i'm sure.

this was tough >_<

otherwise cool idea.
i think it could have looked better though..
3.5 up


without tiles *** a few days ago...


i started working on a race without days 3 days ago,
havn't worked on it much though,
just half an hour the day i started. it's a lot different to this though.
it'l b done soon though, but i won't b home for 2 days so : (
this is cool


In the end the result was a bit touchy, but very solid. You are a genuinely good race maker.
with using no tiles, although I believe that the flow wasn't the best, but still pretty good. I would've liked to see other objects, such as trap doors and oneways.


i found it: []
I'm not sure what the earliest one was, but here's one by AMLT: click []

I think the earliest tileless race was called Object Race, but I could be wrong.
The flow is too complex for my brain to process fast enough!


Cool map though
check my demo if you're unsure about flow


Wooow woowowoww
Demo Data

flow demo

Demo Data