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Tags author:gnothergnu fun race rated
Created 2009-04-18
Last Modified 2009-04-18
by 5 people.
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Description what do you think of this one? at least no one can accuse my races of being too similar :D

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1 frame slower XD
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do u have msn?? or an account on the forums which we can post through??

thanks boonie

we seem to have similar taste in races, do you fancy doing a collab? i've never collabed on a race before but i think it would be fun :D


i think this was made really well... flow was smooth in practically all places, and rockets were consistent aswell :D
the tileset was alright,,,but not outstanding, though i liked the placement of gold and mines.
i think the chimney up the left side could have been improved also.
overall a 4/5

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Slow AGD. The last jump wasn't a mistake, its where I said the exit should be, but The Gnu wouldn't have it ;)

It wasn't that hard, but a minor irritation was splatting on the left hand side after the long jump from the switch. The rockets were cool but not very threatening unless you were quite slow or tried to take shortcuts ;).

Still, I really enjoyed the slightly different flow, even though it felt a little odd in places. It was nice and open like a lot of your races, and the aesthetics were striking. I'm not sure whether to round up or down yet, but 4.5, and faved.
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although I didn't really like the part on the left. I really like your races though.


flow demo

just one piece of advice - don't hold down jump at the top of the top right chimney, or you might get killed by the rocket.
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