The Fury of Ra

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Tags author:gnothergnu flow fun race rated
Created 2009-04-21
Last Modified 2009-04-21
by 12 people.
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Description This is a pretty tough map. The single central laser is a force to be reckoned with, threatening to turn you to toast on at least four occasions. Watch the demo if necessary, and don't give up! RCE!

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Check your pm's :)

your maps

are awesome!!! your featured is the best though :)
I'll give you a 5, cause the map is just beautiful and works very well;)


do u want me to sub collab?? coz its not really going anywhere atm?
in some parts. The thing as a whole is okay, but it's really hard to get through that bottom center chimney section and then the top-right area is difficult too.




you like my races? that's good to hear :D

i like the gold on this map. the aesthetics were very well done. if you could just improve the flow mechanics of this type of map, you could become a very good racemaker.
and the flow held, the sqeeze was ok, but the center right chimney was akward and broke the flow for me

but still good 4.5down


the parts destiny listed were fairly annoying i must admit..
but overall this is one of your better races IMO
4.5 down.

Pretty sweet

there were two sections i didnt like. The opening squeeze, and the chimney just right of the central shaft. Apart from those sections, great map.

Demo Data


which bits of flow didnt you like?
the fact that you go through the big gold clump to get it all is very impressive :) but the flow is tricky to perfect, and even then... it's not perfect...

:D :D :D :D

I think this is your cleverest map so far, I just love the way the central laser gets used over and over again. The close calls are great.

Aesthetically its awesome too (esp the thumbnail) - themed really well and quite different from your previous ones.

If I've got any criticism of it, its that the flow doesn't really vary too much. Its fun and fast the whole way through, but doesn't do anything especially original. Still, the coolness of flying through the middle from all the different angles makes up for it! 5aved.

Demo partly FBFed. *ahem*
Demo Data

Yes very good flow


flow demo

Demo Data