Twin Targets

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Author Zelda_S_Kenneth
Tags author:zelda_s_kenneth dda firstdda kradda rocket rockets unrated
Created 2007-12-01
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Description Some rockets do not understand the meaning of rules...

This is my first attempt at a KRADDA.

Enjoy, and note that there is not one launchpad here.

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keep the rocket alive until N reached the exit, and let N get very single gold piece when using the gold delay

A KRADDA means

"Keeps Rocket Active Don't Do Anything." If the rocket survived, it would've been a KRADDA, but it's only a DDA. Still, it is a good one. What, no launchpads?! Nice...
Here is a kradda with 2 rockets:

Practice more, your later DDAs may just be good enough to b bitesized.

The rocket(s)

died before the end...

The close calls for the rocket with the walls are pretty nice, but the rocket doesn't come close enough to hitting the ninja. Also, you should get rid of the gold that isn't collected by the end.
Very good for a first attempt, 3.5/5.