Cuban Pastrami Crisis I

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Author Zelda_S_Kenneth
Tags author:zelda_s_kenneth chaingun-dodger challenge fun hard lazer-dodger nediting nightmare not-as-easy-as-the-thumbnail-looks notforbeginners precise unrated
Created 2007-10-12
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Description Resub with no ratings.

Forget the Cuban Missile Crisis. When the prime minister of the UK looses one bite of his hot pastrami and cheese sandwich to an old lady in Cuba, who mistook it for her sandwich, he decides he doesn't like the area, and launches a full scale assault on Cuba and the surrounding islands (temper, temper, mon... er... minister!)

An innocent ninja bystander needs help getting past the blockades and the many robotic weaponry, which is to strong for him to destroy, to get into the bomb shelter. Once he goes into the bomb shelter, he will be safe. But once he goes down the tunnel, and into the shelter, he can't go back, because the army will block the way out.

Dedicated to whoever bitesized TOAP III, and TigerSlash-X.

Tiles (although slightly different from the ones here) be here:

This will be a series. If anyone wishes to collaborate with me on C.P.C. II, they should PM me on the forums (same name).

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