Astronaut Ninja

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Author Zelda_S_Kenneth
Tags author:zelda_s_kenneth benice bounceblocks dda enjoy jumppadswithgolddelay kradda nediting nosnipingallowed rated rocket-dodging teleport
Created 2007-10-23
Last Modified 2007-10-23
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description What happens when you put bounceblock cannons, thwump cannons, teleporters, nedited objects, rockets, and a ninja in one map?

This is the result.

This is a Flying Ninja, Keep Getting Away, Nedited, Don't-Do-Anything (DDA) map, and my best DDA so far. And unlike my other two (one of which I deleted), this is a DDA where the ninja is not killed before he reaches the exit.

No sniping please. I've been working on this for some time and would hate to see it sniped...

Rate, Comment, and Enjoy.

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a lot!
too many jump pads here
you moved away from several close calls
overall: Meh.

Ok here's the list

1. Close calls- your dda appears to be propulsion based, try to work around the enemies and add close calls using propulsion.
2. Teleporters- teleporters seem to make the dda choppy. I makes is not as pleasing to watch.
3. Enemies- the more the merrier.

Nice effort thought ;) 3/5


very good

no sniping

only encourages sniping.

"Hold Nothing" is the same as DDA, and "Keep Rocket Away"? That's what DDA's are for.