Velocity Surfer V2

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Author Zelda_S_Kenneth
Tags author:zelda_s_kenneth cool fast fun-ish playable race unrated
Created 2007-09-13
Last Modified 2007-10-11
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Map Data

Description This is a collab between me, _destiny^-, and etdeshon.

This is the new Velocity Surfer. The original I refuse to show to anyone. I edited the tile set to improve smoothness, by popular request I removed most gauss turrets and replaced them with better placed ones, added more missiles, and nice little surprise...

Story: You are a ninja surfer. Your goal is to surf through the space-time continuum avoiding magnetic flaming asteroids that move toward ninjas, solar flares, and comets that freeze on contact. Plus the occasional block-headed alien that are derived from plumber-hating-bricks.

A dedication to the fastest AGD.

I return the favor.

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I'm not very good at the game