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Author Zelda_S_Kenneth
Tags author:zelda_s_kenneth complicated not-as-easy-as-the-thumbnail-looks rated smart surprises
Created 2007-10-31
Last Modified 2007-10-31
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description What the glitchy thwump!?!

That's what the title is short for.

This map is a cute little map, using almost every thwump trick in the book.

Related to the TOAP series. If you liked those maps, I recommend you try this one.

I return the favor on ratings with comments.

If you rate this map less than 4, tell me how I can improve it.

This map is meant to be hard in a smart way.

Helpful note: Beware, as some of the thwumps zap through walls, move through walls, and some are hidden.

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Sorry, but there are a number of things that you could have done better.

First, you should not have required people to figure out what to do while trying to stay alive. Either one is enough to make a map challenging, but doing both just makes the map too hard.
Second, you should not use so many completely unforeseeable surprises. No matter how smart someone is, they won't be able to predict all of the hidden enemies until they've played the map many times. Also, playing a map like this many times is no fun.
Finally, don't try to get people to rate it a 5 by offering them a dedication. It's bad form. Similarly, you shouldn't say, "If you don't like those maps, I ask you do not rate/comment on this one." That's essentially asking people to rate you well, and it is also bad form.