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Author Zelda_S_Kenneth
Tags addictive author:zelda_s_kenneth bitesized challenge complicated cool fun glitch glitch-based glitchy hidden-enemies not-as-easy-as-the-thumbnail-looks playable puzzle rated teleporter toap tunnel
Created 2007-09-14
Last Modified 2007-10-13
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description This is release 2. Sorry about any confusion.

If you are going to Rate/Comment on this map, I demand you do TOAP I and II first. You don't need to complete them.

If you rate 3.5 or less, tell me how I can improve this map.

This is the sequel to TOAP I and TOAP II. It is more tunnel-like than the other two, but follows the theme of thwump-related glitches...

TOAP III: Look back at the title...

Additions to Release 2: More glitches, slight tile set changes, and markers showing where the hidden thwumps are. They also show in which direction they go. They also replace most of the gold here.

Dedicated in particular to TigerSlash-X and Be_Happy :).

I will also dedicate to anyone who rates+comments this map well. And if you do so, I will return the favor.

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@ T3chno
but got better once I found out how this level rolled.

~Don't ded to me... O_o

Nice map

please don't ded to me though 5/5
I wonder who...


It WAS hard but it was fun :)


your rating/ comments return the favor thing is kind of warped in the head...

you'll rate and comment their map well, but only if they rate and comment your map well, and you'll then dedicated this map to them, and use their tilesets? Confusing and weird..
It's just something that is just too tedious and boring.