Octo Damage

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Author Zelda_S_Kenneth
Tags action author:zelda_s_kenneth experimental playable puzzle-ish unrated vhard
Created 2007-08-25
Last Modified 2007-09-01
Map Data

Description For those of us who have completed episode 19, there is a level called Quad Damage. It's one of the easier last levels. So cool.

So I took out Ned and crafted a user level on similar principles! Switches in targets, missile launchers in between targets, and the exit on the top! Plus a few gauss turrets.

Ratings disabled because of the immense difficulty of this map.

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completed cheatable

you didnt do much to the original. its not any better. i prefer the original one. i'd give it a 2/5
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Only try this map if you have incredible skill in N. Please do not post any links to the map-making tutorials.