Have you got the GUTS???

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Author MC_Frank_E
Tags author:mc_frank_e playable puzzle unrated
Created 2007-03-11
Last Modified 2007-03-14
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description The first part is a Fly-High DDA! Dodging those mines is easy...
But have you got the guts to get past all those mines?
You think you're a hotshot? Try to get back without the trap door...
Completions get a cookie!!!
Completions without switch get a cookie too!!!
People who got a cookie: Me!!! (2) Yummy!

EDIT: I edited the map a bit its not impossible anymore :)

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Did it!!!
Heres demo without the switch... :D
2 cookies to me :)
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I wouldnt say im doing too bad!!
Ive gotten this far so far >:D
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im as far as DW40, lol. u can use sendys thing to practise mine jumping

I give up

work onthe tiles, but anywho fun. 4
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The skills, however.... I'm workin' on it.
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