Celeberity hero assassination

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Author Ninja
Tags action author:ninja featured playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-02-28
by 39 people.
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Description Seen it on the news?

This map was featured on 2010-05-01

Can't a GUY LIKE ME just get some rest ONCE in a while? All this fame is making me EXHAUSTED. SERIOUSLY sometimes i just want to sit back, IGNORE my manager (he's SUCH a JERK, by the way i mean REALLY) and just CHILL OUT at my fabulous pad located on a sunny-and-not-dangerous-at-all CLIFFSIDE MANSION, eating CAVIAR and watching JAG. YEAH baby. What's the WORST that can happen? Fangirls? LOL dude.

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And ninja is an awesome mapping for his time.

(see 81-0 for the 'spaceship' he constantly used.)
Easily one of my top 25 favorite maps ever.
but I've gotta say, CAGE makes a good point. I am damn glad I first discovered this site when this [] was the featured map.
The point of featured maps is to highlight maps that the reviewer enjoys; palemoon likes this map, so he chose to feature it, and that's all that is required.


remains subjective.
...but I thought the idea of featuring maps is so that someone showing up on this site for the first time is given a small taste of the best our little community has to offer. If that is the case, I must say this feature failed to do so.

That say this map isn't good. 1/5
but my god, it just plays so horribly. Gameplay > aesthetics any day.
It didn't have the same effect on me this time, though. Still fun I think. I love the trees and the tiles.

Fuck you all -- I like this map.

Not a very good feature IMO
Ninja uses the same spaceship tiles here as in his 81:0 map.

I have a mansion/Forget the price
Ain't never been there/They tell me it's nice

Kinda fun.

Looks great for a map, especially for a map made 5 years ago.

I dearly love ninja maps, but I'm distressed that you chose to feature this one as opposed to others. Oh well.

Oh man eganic

since when has your profile been broken? that sucks :C

To be honest...

...I rated this 1/5. oo
There was nothing special.

The map queue

wasn't in place then, that was implemented sometime later around 2008 or so I believe.

Pretty darn fun.

Yup, I said it.
there wasn't a "hot maps" page back then, and there was also a map queue so that flooding never happened.


he got disabled cuz he posted all his maps in one day, and it flooded the hot maps page.


What's going on here? 2/5
This map isn't all that fun to play; there is no gold to collect; the chainguns are badly placed; the rockets do barely anything; the gauss does nothing; and there isn't really much flow to this.

Most (if not all, not sure) of column 80's maps were made before this, and I'm glad this isn't an in-game map.
It holds up more, but I joined in 2005 and mapping back then was certainly of a higher average standard in terms of actual gameplay and general style. LV, tktktk, nevermore, formica, atramentis, stepself, etc... all in their heyday then.

It's ok, but even in the context of its time it wasn't amongst the best.

It's ok.

Episodic, swift, but uneventful. There's really no spark to it, and while I appreciate the design I didn't get a sense of atmosphere or anything that would bolster the simplicity of play.

The review is fun, though.
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The atmosphere.

It looks so fucking cool.
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Interesting feature. The idea has been done before, and better. 2/5
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Feature? Feature!? Oh my God.


feature is ftw
It's crap.
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