Fuel module

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Author Ninja
Tags action author:ninja playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-02-28
by 22 people.
Map Data

Description "Grab a space suit and get out there but do NOT jump into orbit, son!"

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and loved the look from the moment I first played it.
Demo Data

Nice level.

Quite hard, but good fun. 4/5


map is toal fun 2 play...i reelyy liek d teh tileset and teh gameplay. 5/5aved

1 snipe and it's

knocked off top-rated. wonder what would've happened if i had rated 5...


how did this get a 5/5? and it's top-rated now.

of n v1.4

pretty good level. 4/5


this is in the userlevels


this is in the userlevels