Unstable building

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Author Ninja
Tags action author:ninja playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-02-28
by 17 people.
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Description All stars level!

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All yourt levels are so weird but great. 2nd try demo. Allso, putting 35 levels up in one day (most likely within a few hours is pretty ballzy).
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dude? HE'S BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
minus 1/2 a point for that. 3.5
hey, i was checking your maps and realized you submitted all 35 of your maps in one day. why? and do you even come to NUMA anymore?
Cool style, but it just isn't polished enough to warrant all that loading time.


Ninja was BANNED?? sheesh!


Ninja was BANNED?? sheesh!


Now if he wasnt banned... these are really cool looking maps!


REALLY hard level! I like how u used the thumps and things to add detail. Cool map!


You make very interesting and detailed levels, but none of details really add value to the map and fe of them them are actually very fun or challenging, and posting 3 pages is annoying.