Art of A-Void II

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Author nemetacyst
Tags author:nemetacyst bitesized playable rated survival
Created 2006-03-31
by 12 people.
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Description ok, since the first was liked so well, i created a similar version with an added twist...thwumps...not too many...but enough to make you wary...

dedicated to Korbachev and Clovic for such excellent demos on the original...

note: depending on how this plays...i may change it a little..but i think its just about how i want it...

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I like the beginning of my demo
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Ridiculously fun

Demo Data


i sorta dont have a good speed computer ^-^ i cant control him
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who sniped it...


is kinda hard to do...
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i must have really hit something good with the tile placement on version 1

i realized that this ones tiles were harder and that the sides were virtually completely open compared to the other

and i will put floor gaurds int to the next...i just realized a good way to do it...

Yeeeah, skorpio

I agree. I don't think it has as much "adventure" feel to it like the other one. It doesn't give you as much freedom in this one. I still love it. But the first one I liked a lot better.

Nice level

Posted this one for two reasons.

The beginning is cool.
Are we supposed to be able to drop down to the bottom bit there?

I loved Art of a void one, and while I still think this is fantastic, and the thwumps make it more interesting, it lacks something. 4.5/5. The first one I voted 5/5. Anyway - make another art of a void! The next one should have floor guards, maybe. I don't know, but I hate most survivals, but these ones are just great. No other words needed. Congratulations, dude.
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its not so incredible with it close calls

as it is with how far i moved around...
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so bottem survival is possible afterall...
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i can see i need to submit one...

not great...but its good
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For posting so many short, stupid demos, but this one I really love. There's just one part in it where I hit a thwump really weirdly. Just watch it.
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I show you the art of amazing thwump riding and NOT going into the bottom area.

Actually, I take it back. I like this level almost the same as the first one, mostly because it's kinda the same in that the bottom is easy and the top gives you some SICK demos every time you go up there. It's just a matter of living to get the demo out there. Oh. by the end of the night, I'll try to have an over 2000 frame demo for ya. just so ya know, 5/5+faved
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The only problem with this one, like, from the other one, is that there's less incentive to go to the top of the map. It's kinda more spread out. Although it is harder, it's still really really really fun, I'm gonna have to say I like the first one better. Oh, yeah, and I suggest fixing this or something, because it really gives a hallway feel to the level, and this level's not about being a hallway survival.
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Really cool. I found this extremely thrilling. Great work.


This one is. Crap. I hate that entering the left area.
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1500 mark

hahahah seriosuly, this is the craziest demo so far.
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you got into the bottem area!!! nice! lol...

and quickly decided you didnt want to be

nice demo...


Over 1000. Some crazy stuff. I love it. I'm bitesizing it.
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This one IS a lot harder. The bottom is so hecktic. It's like, niice.
Demo Data


Seriously. I'm sick. My mom just bought me Taco Bell, and now this? I love it. I'll getcha a bunch of demos. This is my first try for now.
Demo Data

oh cmon...

i dont care about ratings...i want demos!!!


much harder than the original...

give it a try people!