Art of A-void

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Author nemetacyst
Tags author:nemetacyst bitesized playable rated survival
Created 2006-03-18
Last Modified 2006-03-18
by 18 people.
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Description dont let the looks fool you, its harder than it looks...
i got the idea from my other level which uses a similar technique, ...

rating, comments, and of course, above all, demos!!!

i really want to see how long some people can survive...there are no safe spots, so keep moving...

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Longest ( for me)

So far...
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Awesome level!!!!

Ich liebe... I mean I love this level! I'm gonna post like 100 demos! 5/5, and this is a kinda funny demo because I cheat in this one.
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lol this got nominated thats awesome...especially since i made it so long ago...thats pretty cool
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only impressive

because i stayed on one bounce block the whole time
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Good stuff.
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i aimed 2 survive 4 about 2 mins but died about 10 secs from reaching my goal


this map is awesome...

and skorp, plz give ideas of how i need to remake number 3...

i aware its bad...but im not sure how to fix it...


And still improving ;)

This ones really good - some nice close calls with a fairly large number of frames.
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I love this map

Marginally improved my best.
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Woah. Check out the end of this. I was like riding along with that zap droid! If only I'd survived it, this would have easily topped the best demos, IMO.
Demo Data


heres a good block survival....

probly not the block your thinking of...
its good, kinda it...
Demo Data


i got almost half the drones in the same spot...hahaha

thats great!!!

if only i hadnt walked back into them...(bad idea, but it was getting boring)
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Holy crap

Those top blocks are a bitch. Watch this demo now please.
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you had some sweeeet close calls.

This is my first demo of today.
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I love this map.
Demo Data

Best survival ever.

I like the bit at the start of this.
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i can see youve been enjoying yourself....
no complaints from me, thats what this level is for...
just showing some tricks. Sorry.
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I love how

Almost every demo is so godly in it's own way. So many close calls, but like weird.
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sorry, but a mostly bounce block demo here.
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one more

This DEFINITELY wins my vote for best demo.
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for posting so many demos. But this one REALLY scared me while playing it.
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Here's waht I mean

I got this really long almost 4000 demo. I made so many "matrix moves" I'd call them near the beginning/middle. But then watch at the end. I got them all on different blocks, and could stay on separate blocks for a long time without getting noticed. That's what I want to do, but with EVERY drone.
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Longest so far!

yay. I have a theory though. That I want to test out. I want to get all the drones to be circling around blocks(the easiest would be the botton corners) and then go on a block that won't have any drones in sight and be able to stay there.

Nearly impossible, I know, but definitely KINDA possible.
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this one. haha. dude, the top middle block, slightly to the right. That block is sooooo hazardous.
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my favorite demo of mine.
Demo Data

a clue

its on the second page of survivals top rated...

*munches on banana*

it disappeared

a mystery! But first, I want a banana.


the sniper...
a decent rating wouldnt have done that to it...
cmon, if you want to snipe it, go ahead, but leave a reason plz...give reason why you hate it so much...thats all i me help you by giving suggestions as to what i need to work on...
Like this one, I thought I died, so I turned around, turned back to the monitor, realized I was not only not dead, but still alive and ended up making some REALLY close calls.
Demo Data


doesnt that mean tonights a blue moon?
why havnt i heard?

thanks people, i liked this level a lot, and designing it was lots of fun too...
i liked making it so the drones circled the block you were on...thats by far my favorite idea of this level...
thanks again...


This map is amazing. Survivals have always been my favorite, and this may be my favorite survival. If I could give one 6 every blue moon this would have a 6.


what just happened at that block over there? That was so confusing for me and I somehow made it out.

And I also want to thank you for making this level. Could be my favorite one ever.
Demo Data


heres one of mine, not the best of course, but it gets pretty good toward the end...
Demo Data


that demo was siiick.

This one's pretty sick too I'd say. It's also a good year.
Demo Data


that may be the demo with the most close calls in it yet

nice job clovic...


I love this demo
Demo Data


and korbachev...
on that last demo of really did combine turtles strategy with your own...thats actually quite impressive that you did such a good job with it...


very imperssive demos...everybody used their own techniques but in a similar way, its kinda eirie to notice how many good ways there are to go about one task...

anyway, great demos, thanks for the rating...i think this is the first level other than an art thats been on the top page or had a 5 average...