Fire and Ice step 3

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Author nemetacyst
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Created 2006-03-26
by 6 people.
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Description PLZ DO NOT RATE, but plz comment
well...third step and im still not done...i had planned to be...but no...not happening...

i finished another red dragon and fixed up the other one a bit (both are still subject to changes)...
now i need to make the whites head (i had been avoiding that, its very hard) and then fill in the patterns of the body and wings...then add another red(in the background, im out of room)...
then i can make the actual background setting...

but i know you dont care about just say what you think, comment on quality, give additional ideas or just critisize mine...the final will come...but it will wait at least another week (most likely)

and turtle and dragon still need to answer my question...
( more specific)

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and i forgot to mention i while ago...
weasle...after i made my bear image, everyone and their mom started making full images...

i just figured id say that...


its almost time for me to get back to work on this...
i realize ive taken a long time off from it...with reasons...good ones at that...but i need to finish it, for my sake and for turtle's sake...

i may only ahve one more update before the final is submitted...if that...but ill probly finish all the dragons, then submit a version, then do the background...that part will take a while...

anyway, enough about it...iw ill begin work again in the next couple days...

well im sorry

but you sounded very negative, and wether or not you voted, it would probably be people with similar ideas as you who rated it down...

i appologize, my mistake...but i did have a point...

Like me?

I haven't voted.
and im very much in control of the voting situation, cuz i can jsut delete it when people like you rate it a one cuz im not finished...


If you don't want ratings, don't submit.
It's not your place to say whether we vote or not.


If you don't want ratings, don't submit.
It's not your place to say whether we vote or not.


your not the first to find that...its pretty common...


this pic bears a resemblance to ur art..
ur art is still awsome i just found that interesting



to sit down and do it at once would fry my eyes and take 10 hours

now, jsut cuz ive sumitted steps to save my progress and get ideas is no reason to be mad

hurry up nemetacyst

want to see this picture done.

This thing with the steps was only an idea. if "everyone and their mom" want to make Narts this way, its completly ok. i want to see the results ;)

And in my opinion this picture is getting really really cool

ya know

after D_M posted his Afternoon Dragon steps, everyone and their mom is making N arts with different steps.

i dont understand


dont hurt me...


...somebody rated it a one...WTF....

my first words were....NO RATINGS...what part of NO RATINGS do you people NOT UNDERSTAND?!?!?!


*accidentally* rated a 5/5 again. Woe is me...and in my favorites...but Ill wait on the rating for now...


and i know the reds hand is hard to gonna owrk on that...if you see enlarged view, you can see it better...