Floors with Eyes

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Author nemetacyst
Tags action author:nemetacyst playable rated
Created 2006-03-11
by 7 people.
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Description kinda puzzly, its not hard, you just have to patient to make the gaurds go where they need to be for you to complete it..

demo's...fastest may get a guarantees, but if theres multipls demo's, its a pretty safe bet...

comments ratings and above all demos!!!

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But still completion. 4/5 and faved.
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Decent level

5/5 and faved


hey i deleated that crappy nap of mine so i decided to comment on urs, thx anyway i know i suck at making lvls but i try. im not very good and i just started last week, or 2 weeks ago. i hope to still get better and making lvls.


sweetly simple.. and fun. bit short but meh.. overall nice 4/5
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thats old news...

an long past effectiveness...


arent u banned?

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easily improved though.
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it is good but not too long. I enjoyed it.
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I died
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Pretty decent level, allthough a bit short.
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