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Author nemetacyst
Tags action author:nemetacyst playable rated
Created 2006-03-17
by 12 people.
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Description i just realized how many awesome levels this guy/girl has made in a very short time, so heres to UpDown, may more of his/her levels actually get the ratings they need and deserve...

cmon ppl, he only has 5 rated levels out of 67 made...

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It's pretty much a KRA except the gold part. I love it. I'm gonna play some UpDown levels now.
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no problem

mine didnt work anyway, he still needs ratings...


well you beat me 2 it maybe i should've worked more at it
originally it was supposed to b N art not an acttual level but since i've never done n art i was like fuh-k it


Thx fer this, nemetacyst, and nice map, too.


I didn't like that we had to make a whole trip around again to get the gold. Otherwise okay.

pretty cool level

all gold
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his levels arnt the best, but he's made a lot of them, and is actually trying to make good ones, unlike many of the newer people who are just spamming numa with terrible maps

so i think he deserves some credit
but ill go ahead and look at some of his.
This is nice that your doing this for him nemetacyst.