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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera ewwwww matsuxatmaps unrated
Created 2014-12-29
Last Modified 2014-12-29
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description VOTE! []

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You're too good.

speedrun, btw.

Demo Data
but I still don't understand why including someone else, just leave the contestants list with 3 or 4.
Aidiera could have tried to pick someone he thought fit in the category. But that wouldn't be fair because it would be like Aidiera getting to nominate whoever he wanted. So the only fair thing to do is place either someone random, or someone who actually doesn't fit in the category! I don't know which Aidiera did, but having deep_blue in the category is actually a fair outcome.

*misunderstanding something

I completely assume my fault, because you both were right, I have no nominated nobody. And I fully understand what you try to explain to me, but I reiterate, deep_blue is not a 'player', is more a 'mapper', I think I never seen a run by him, even more a really decent run, so, I seriously can't understand why he choosed him randomly for that category. If pick users/maps randomly for diverse catagories which hadn't enough nominations is the unique aparent solution, then take care about who you pick, at least pick someone who place properly in that concrete category.
Frankly, that make me laugh, and sincelery, although partially is my fault (I already apologized, but I would do the same over and over again because to me this community was never fair) I see this rushed, not serious, and careless. I still think that are you both who are understanding something.


I think you are misunderstanding what happened.
Less than 5 people were nominated for player of the year, so for convenience, Aidiera added essentially random players to the lineup until there were 5. Who these players are is irrelevant. Since they weren't nominated, there's no honest way they're going to win (i.e. if they win it's because people are voting dishonestly). The only possible problem you could legitimately be raising is that less than 5 people were nominated, which is partially your own fault.

1. Yep.
2. & 3. Thanks for pointing those out.
4. My selections are more or less final. Unless EEEEVVVEERRRRYYYOOOONNNEEEE feels that I'm being a puckered asshole, invert your efforts in to choosing better nominations for the next Dronies.
But I can't be player of the year 2013. I returned back to N in autumm 2013, but I aimed mostly for completetion of episodes 0-199. I started playing and making numa maps in 2014 and after that I started some highscoring/speedrunning runs/attempts of numa maps and official episodes/levels.
1. What the fuck? gloomp's [] map is nominated for best looking map? Wtf?
2. blue_rock's map id is wrong in Conceptual Map of the Year.
3. Eddy's run on 226258 has been listed twice.
Have it your way.


Sorry Aidiera,

I think you're misunderstanding something and your arrogance is shining again. Seriously, how a person can be nominated for something that he doesn't do? Perhaps some people who nominated confused deep_blue as mapper per player, and it is needed someone who supervise and check that everything is on its right place and correct every possible mistake of this sort, in this case you, and we're grateful to you for this, but seriously, he never submitted any run, nor in NUMA, nor in NReality, neither at the main 100 episodes. I'm not proposing to change him for someone else if not just removing him from that category (sorry deep_blue I think is fair).

I apologize for not nominating and perhaps, for not voting too (well, I maybe will just vote for deep_blue as Best Player of The Year 2013 if you don't take him away) but I just want that things are 'fair' to everyone.


The Highscoring community is the only active part of the forums. They had a year to pool together and get people to nominate for the Dronies. As did everyone else. That's not a good enough reason for me to change it. Choose more wisely for the 2014 Dronies.

And this will go on the Home Page once the "Less" maps are judged.
deep_blue is a NOT a player (sorry d_b, if you reading this). I think someone more deserving like jirka or golfkif or kyozo or paradox or ska.
Also, you should also post this on the homepage. This would go down the hot maps page in no days time. :)

Is just like if lifdoff, per example, was nominated to the best review category in the year 2013, when he is new to the site in 2014 and he never made no reviews at all. Seriously, that makes no sense, you should recant, anyone can make a mistake.

*how a person can be nominated for something that was not presented neither was made?

Ok, ok,

I know that you're the super mega administrator of this site, but seriously dude, how a person can be nominated for something that was not presented neither was made How a film director can be nominated for an award in a given year when in that year he hadn't record no film?

Oh well.

That's just the way it is.
but I appreciate what you did, is nice that someone take care about it, but it would be perfect if deep_blue was nominated as a best author in your "padding" way, but I really can't understand why to Player Of The Year when he never posted a single run in NUMA neither NReality. :/ I appreciate him, but as a mapper, I think this must be fair enough.
And yes. As I mentioned most of the categories were "padded" with nominees instead of being left with two or three options.

There are a couple of weird things that I found in the vote page:
In the DDA of the year category there is a map called 'Mohit_Ghune' // which actually is Decaying Dystopia by 1211.
Also, is deep_blue really nominated to Player Of The Year or is a mistake?