032 - Baited!

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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera puzzle swell unrated
Created 2014-12-20
Last Modified 2015-02-06
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Description Second of two teasers for my upcoming mappack. (For whatever reason the one I wanted to post, 041, is giving me a 500 error, so I guess you'll have to play the pack to see why I like it so much.) Anyway, this map is much trickier than 014, but it's still a matter of which order you open the doors in. I'm hoping to release the pack at the end of the year. Enjoy.

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thank you! :D

here's what I came up with:
feel free to change anything there.


I'm very sorry that I'm still stalling with your request, but I was so ill these few days, I couldn't even really reach my laptop. I'm currently working on the tileset, will be done soon!

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